Jealous (ジェラス Jerasu)
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"Robin...!" Jealousy gently took her hand, seeming a bit concerned. "I'm sorry I haven't contacted you in a while.." He hoped she wasn't upset with him. She may say she's not, but Jealousy felt as if he hadn't been paying enough attention to her. "It's been a busy week or so, but.. I came to see you."


If there was one thing she wasn’t good at, it was being mad at her loved ones. “A busy week is a busy week, you can’t help it.” She smiled brightly, pecking him on the cheek. “I’m absolutely ecstatic to see you, Jealousy!”

Jealousy sighed lightly, feeling relief. “I’m sorry.. I should have at least called you or something, but..” Jealousy gently set his hands on the girl’s hips and kissed her forehead.  ”I’m free for the evening now..”

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yeah I truly hate them

I’m currently in pain because I’ve developed a new otp



here i go

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Chicks do dig giant robots. This is a fact.


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