Jealous (ジェラス Jerasu)
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"Obviously…" Interest spun in his mind, then he responded, "The Revelers are my clan. However, I seem to be separated from them now. They can manage with out me for a time…"

"Clan…?" Jealousy repeated, the gauntlet returned to his lips once more, though this time out of thought rather than habit. "Tch… I still don’t even know what you are.”


"Puck. Second in command of the Rot’s Revelers. I’m a coatl. What in the PlagueMother’s name is a doji?" He tilted his head. His tail flicked softly.

"Hn.. What in hell’s name is.. The rot revelers…?" Jealousy responded to the question with yet another question of his own.

Though, he sighed and brushed some hair away from his face - though to no avail, it slid back into place between his eyes. “A karakuri DôjiWorld’s most powerful fighting beings.. I am the one that represents the sin of envy.. Obviously.”


"Hn… Is that so? Maybe I’m wrong. What’s your name?" He wasn’t intimidated in the slightest. His own single eye met Jealousy’s.

"I am Jealousy… The embodiment of envy." The doji replied flatly, then sighed a bit in annoyance. "I am a doji of sin… Which is why I warn you not to get on my nerves."

The gauntlet was removed from his pale lips and finally returned to his side, narrowed eyes still locked on the beast. “Now.. Tell me who you are.”


"I could ask you the same…" He licked at his lips, "I am as much a beast as you are living, machine.” His tail twitched a little, “You’re made to serve the living, are you not? No machine is made without the selfish intent of their creators as first priority.”

He rolled his shoulders and watched Jealousy with curiosity. It wasn’t anger that ever entered his heart. He was simply stating facts, it seemed. Though… There was a faint desire to tear into this machine growing slowly in the back of his heart. If only to fulfill his curiosity, not out of malice.

"Humans are used as masters.. Though to my disposal.” Jealousy continued to chew on the end of his gauntlet. This creature was giving him such strange readings… The doji was nearly interested. Nearly.

"I learn what I wish from them.. Fight my battles.. Then kill them when necessary.. Simple, really."

The dark-haired doji’s eyes barely even blinked - dare not let his gaze be distracted from this beast. Those desired were easy for Jealousy to pick up… Sensing it would be best to stay on alert with this one.

"Dare not have the wrong impression on me… I warn you."


And yet despite Jealousy’s mood, Puck made his presence known, stepping around the corner.

He looked much like Gino. He had long red hair, and a glint in his eye… but he was also so much different. For one, there was the eye patch. He was taller. Muscular. Looked like he was a fighter. Then there was the plumage atop his head, flicking in curiousity. His massive wings that looked like they belonged on a giant bird. Mostly was the tiger patterned skin, and electricity that sparked across his white chest. A long tail trailed behind him, and a forked tongue flicked from his mouth.

Due to the dim light, Puck’s pupil was wide, and so the slitted nature wasn’t immediately apparent.

"You…" His voice held an odd humming quality, like he was speaking from his chest rather than his throat, "You aren’t… living… you smell like metal…" He tilted his head upon hearing Jealousy’s request to be left alone, "Hn… Tell me a few things first, then I’ll leave you be…”


"…. Tch.." Jealousy’s eyes narrowed as they visibly glided up and down as he gave himself a moment to take in this stranger’s appearance. Strange was right… This certainly wasn’t a creature he had never seen before… The unfamiliarity was unsettling.

"I highly suggest you feign from giving me orders, beast.” The doji teen’s voice spoke in a hiss of a warning, one of his gauntlets being raised to his mouth to chew on the end of his gauntlet. This seemed to be out of habit - as he did so without any signs of reluctance.

"I will only admit to you what I chose to admit, I’ll have you understand.. You have no idea who you are standing before.. Do you..?"

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cycloptic-coatl-puck wondered:
A hum would greet Jealousy's ears, and a heart like an animal would slip suddenly in his range. This heart... didn't seem capable of intense emotions, just the shallowest of feelings. Now, it was curious. And lost.


Who’s there?

Or perhaps, he should have asked what was there. What he sensed certainly was not human… And that scent. Not a terrible scent, though certainly unusual. The raven-haired douji could only tilt his head in the slightest sneer of displeasure in response to it.

"… Leave me be."

The sense of annoyance in his voice was rather simple to be heard… He wasn’t in the mood to meet someone - Or rather, deal with something new.

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"… Not enough going on."

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askjealousy wondered:
"Robin...!" Jealousy gently took her hand, seeming a bit concerned. "I'm sorry I haven't contacted you in a while.." He hoped she wasn't upset with him. She may say she's not, but Jealousy felt as if he hadn't been paying enough attention to her. "It's been a busy week or so, but.. I came to see you."


If there was one thing she wasn’t good at, it was being mad at her loved ones. “A busy week is a busy week, you can’t help it.” She smiled brightly, pecking him on the cheek. “I’m absolutely ecstatic to see you, Jealousy!”

Jealousy sighed lightly, feeling relief. “I’m sorry.. I should have at least called you or something, but..” Jealousy gently set his hands on the girl’s hips and kissed her forehead.  ”I’m free for the evening now..”

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